Shaba National Reserve


Name: Shaba National Reserve
Country: Kenya

Shaba National Reserve is a protected area in northern Kenya to the east of the Samburu and Buffalo Springs national reserve. Together, the three reserves form a large protected area.


Wildlife found within the reserve include giraffes, zebras, aardvarks, warthogs, bat-eared foxes, gazelles, Oryx’s and the greater and lesser kudus among many others. Birdlife is plentiful in Shaba and some species include African Darter, great egret, white-headed vulture, martial eagle and yellow-billed oxpecker.

This reserve has a dramatic scenery which include river-side forests, scattered woodlands and dry grasslands which are dominated by the Shaba Hill volcano. Shaba is home to the endangered Grevy’s Zebra and the rare William’s Lark.

Climatic Conditions

Temperatures range from 30o C during the hottest months to 20o C between July and September. Annual rainfalls range between 100 mm to 300 mm on average, usually divided into two seasons, short rains in October/November and long rains between February and May.

Major Attractions

Shaba is famous for the setting for the book and film Born Free, for the film Out of Africa and for the reality show Survivor Africa.


The park is 314 km from Nairobi.

Getting there

  • By Road: Road transfers from Nairobi (approximately 5 hours)
  • By Air: There are several airstrips in the park.

Best time to visit

During the dry season.


  • Game viewing drives
  • Bird watching
  • Guided bush walks
There are no Facilities available from Shaba National Reserve at this time.